George's Vision

George will advocate for efficient policies and a government that delivers for all. He will provide fair and impartial hearings in a timely, professional and cost efficient manner for all tax payers.

Lift Up Working Families and Protect Seniors


To recover the right way, we must maximize resources to uplift working-class families and sustain the small businesses that are struggling during this financial crisis. George will use regulatory powers to fix the structural issues in the property tax system. He will revisit regulations that discourage growth and homeownership, particularly in Black and Brown neighborhoods, and he will fight back against unfair assessments by reviewing the Assessor’s decisions based on the fair market value of each property, to ensure working-class families no longer pay a disproportionate share of the property tax burden.


George will make it as easy as possible for everyone, especially seniors, to reduce their property tax bills. As Commissioner, he will protect seniors on fixed income by deploying a targeted educational outreach program that outlines all property tax benefits available to them, like the senior freeze exemption.

Transparency and Accessibility


George will stay in contact with 1st District residents and hold frequent local forums to help them file their appeals. George will hire a diverse staff, representative of the communities within the district. As Commissioner, he will make sure his office provides services in various languages, and ensure all appeal forms are translated.



To ensure greater transparency, George will release reports outlining the methodology used to adjudicate appeals, including disclosing assumptions about capitalization rates, vacancy and other market factors.

Modernize for Efficiency

Technology Investments

As Alderman, George has helped modernize various City of Chicago departments. He will make strategic technology Investments to increase efficiencies, save money and provide taxpayers a better and more accurate review of their appeals.

Headquarters: 3757 S Campbell, 2nd Floor Chicago, Illinois 60608
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